Episode 4: Finding Balance Through Functional Bodybuilding w. Bri Lamb

“Lifting really f*cking heavy is so empowering, especially for people who are hard charging, people who like to see numbers and like to see progression. Like, this is the thing for you. And with that, like, you can do this forever and ever.”

In this episode of Oh, Hi Self, Sandra learns from her friend Bri Lamb about gaining strength and balance through physical activity. Bri is a former D1 and regional CrossFit athlete. She’s currently a coach at Functional Bodybuilding, helping her clients reframe their focus on looking the way society wants them to and instead live in the body and mind that they want to live in. 

You will learn about:

1. The Benefits of Resistance Training and Functional Fitness: Bri talks about the advantages of lifting weights, including functional bodybuilding, and how it can empower you to make progress in your life — not just in physical strength.

2.  Balancing Exercise With Other Physical Needs: Bri talks about her struggles with hormone issues and how her relationship with exercise, specifically Crossfit, changed when she realized it was impacting her hormonal health. She also gives tips on nutrition, sleep and movement to help optimize health goals.

3.  Finding A Sense of Identity: Bri talks about her struggles with identity as a former D1 college athlete and queer woman. She gives great insight into how finding a vibrant life inside and outside of the fitness world has helped her.


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