Episode 31: Awakening Aliveness w. Rebekka Mars

Unlock the transformative power of embodiment coaching with our phenomenal guest, Rebekka Mars, as we journey into the heart of living with aliveness. Rebekka’s evolution from yoga instructor to life coach has equipped her with the tools to help others ignite their inner spark and engage deeply with life’s rich tapestry. Throughout this episode, you’ll gain insights into the essence of meditation, the role of somatic experiencing in healing, and the profound impact of embracing body, mind, and spirit for personal fulfillment. We promise an enlightening conversation that offers a treasure trove of techniques for enhancing your energetic state and emotional resilience.

In this episode you’ll:

  1. Discover tools to incorporate joy into your meditation practice.
  2. Learn how to navigate the complexities of emotions with grace.
  3. Explore the simplicity of visualization, the variety of meditation doorways, and how to handle emotions through increased body awareness. 

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