Episode 29: The Inner Work of Parenting w. Heidi Rogers

Navigating the complex maze of human emotions can feel like a dance with our own shadows, but with Heidi Rogers by my side, we discuss how humor and naming these parts of ourselves can disarm tension and bring a sense of calm to our internal dialogues. 

Peering through the lens of parenting, the episode takes an honest look at how our own childhoods cast long shadows on the way we connect with our children. It’s a heart-to-heart on the need for empathy over discipline, challenging the “I turned out okay” mantra with a call for nurturing rather than just correcting. We address the colorful spectrum of neurodiversity, advocating for a world where every child’s unique strengths and challenges are embraced. 

In this episode, you’ll:

  1. Plunge into the sometimes turbulent waters of neurodiversity and anxiety, reshaping the narrative to foster support and acceptance. 
  2. create a blueprint for safer, more nurturing spaces.
  3. unravel the threads of fear, compassion, and connection that transcend the pages of any parenting handbook.

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