Episode 27: Manifest Your Soulmate: The High-Achiever’s Blueprint

As the chill of sweater weather sets in, I found myself wrapped in the warmth of human connection and the simple, transformative power of a hug. It’s what inspired my nickname “Hugs” at Camp Yes, a name that encapsulates my belief in the magic of touch and its role in our personal journeys. This podcast episode is a tapestry of stories, insights, and the shared experience of stepping into 2024 with intention and openness to a holistic ‘glow up’. It’s not just about the sparkle of a fresh manicure or the thrill of holiday festivities; it’s about the energetic shifts and mindset overhauls that beckon us toward growth and radiance, accessible to every one of us.

In this episode you’ll:

  1. Join me on a transformative journey, from empowering clothing choices to personal spiritual practices.
  2. Uncover the small steps to professional success and the role of identity in our evolution
  3. Explore the beauty of human connection and how a ‘glow up’ goes beyond physical transformations.

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