Episode 25: The Grit Behind the Glamour w. Lacey Stone

Today’s guest, LA’s fitness powerhouse Lacey Stone, shares a narrative that’s all heart and hustle. It’s a tale of personal trials, from a divorce to the loss of a loved one, all while building a name in the cutthroat world of fitness and entertainment. Lacey’s openness about her struggles provides a roadmap for anyone facing their own crossroads, illustrating that when life knocks you down, there’s power in dusting off and crafting a new path.

In this episode you’ll:

  1. Hear about the pillars of success, especially the role of accountability and the magic of ‘expanders’—those who show us the heights we can reach.
  2. Understand the importance of authenticity and the role it plays in the pursuit of happiness and success.
  3. Learn how to scale new heights in your professional aspirations, with a focus on the power of personal accountability and a supportive network.

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