Episode 22: The Five Pillars of Health: A Comprehensive Guide to Healthy Living w. Chris Esquivel

Join me and my health-smart husband, Chris, for an enlightening conversation about nutrition, wellness, and personal transformation. We recount Chris’s personal journey from a diet of hot dogs and mac & cheese to becoming a fitness enthusiast and health coach. 

Chris’s eye-opening insights into the foundational five pillars of health – nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, and community – will make you rethink your lifestyle choices and stimulate your interest in a healthier living. Diving deeper into the realm of health, we unpack the complexities of calories, movement, and macros. Chris breaks down the importance of micro-movements and fidgeting, the thermic effect of food, and exercise activity thermogenesis. We also simplify the intricacies of nutrition and balanced eating, debunking myths and misconceptions. By discussing hypertrophy versus strength training, quality sleep, stress management, and emotional health, we aim to empower you with the knowledge to take control of your well-being. To make this conversation more relatable, we offer a glimpse into my personal body transformation journey through macro counting. 

As a case study, we will provide insights into managing workouts, diets, and supplements while still enjoying food. We also stress the importance of community, identity, and resilience in our health journey. As we answer some rapid-fire questions about common health-related topics, prepare to gain some invaluable health and fitness wisdom from our personal experiences.


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