Episode 10: Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable w. Edmond Lau

“When we allow ourselves to lean into asking the vulnerable question, we get vulnerability in response and that can create such a deep and powerful connection. These connections can be built like a muscle.”

In this episode of Oh, Hi Self, Sandra has Edmond Lau, a great friend, past client and expert in transforming lives and relationships into magic on the podcast. This episode centres on Edmond’s journey of finding true intimacy, learning to truly express yourself and finding comfort in being uncomfortable.

You will learn about:

  1. Fixing sexual intimacy in relationships and implementing an intimacy plan to rekindle what may be lost.
  2. What we can learn from dance and how we can learn to truly express ourselves without being self-conscious. 
  3. How to chase our desires and go after what lights us up inside.

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